Friday, February 26, 2010

February Wrap Up

More snow and more snow pictures

We had our second snow of the year on February 13. The Girls enjoyed the snow again. The first snow of the year always gets them more excited but our February snow was fluffier and better for making snow balls.

Valentine's Day

The Girls celebrated Valentine's Day with a new heart shaped pillow bed from Target.

Jury Duty -- or not

I was called for jury duty. In preparation, I got the first book the the Twilight series, thinking that was the right level of escapism for the waiting involved in jury duty. I called in as instructed and was not needed for the first week. I ready Twilight and New Moon that week and started Eclipse week 2. I called again and found out that I was not needed for jury duty after all. I went ahead and finished Eclipse and read Breaking Dawn to wrap of the series.


From a training standpoint, this month involved getting my foot better after minor foot surgery on January 12th and an additional procedure on February 5th. My foot has shown considerable improvement. Through all of this I have been training for my second half marathon, the Crystal Coast half marathon in Morehead City on February 27th.

Bike riding has been more difficult to get in this winter since we have had terrible weather many weekends. That has meant a lot of work outs on the bike trainer when I would rather have been riding outside. I have found it a lot easier to run outside in bad weather than it is to ride outside in similar conditions. I've also been doing some swimming this winter. Hopefully I'll be prepared when the season starts!

Friday, February 5, 2010