Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cycle North Carolina - Day 5

CNC Day 4
Sanford to Dunn
18.1 mph average speed
35.1 mph maximum speed
3:16:09 ride time
59.20 miles
about 1480 feet of climbing

Dunn was a pleasant surprise! The indoor camping was great and the site is really well prepared. It's like the Hilton after last night! They have vendors on site including pizza and ice cream and downtown was within walking distance.

They also had games set up -- paint ball and corn hole. A lot of cyclists commented on the name corn hole (I did not realize that there is an American Cornhole Association with official rules!) Tim and Chris played a game of pool in downtown Dunn and I played a few rounds of corn hole at the camp ground. The paint ball sounded fun but wasn't really popular. I don't think that most of us felt like running!

Like the other overnight sites, they had music downtown for us in the evening.

The route went from Sanford to Raven Rock State Park and then through Erwin. From there we went to a Civil War site -- Averasboro. The road to that site was not NC DOT's finest moment. Especially since earlier in the day I hit a major pot hole and my front wheel came out of true.

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