Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cycle North Carolina - Day 3

CNC Day 3
Lincolnton to Concord (Lowe's Motor Speedway)
18.9 mph average speed
33.4 mph maximum speed
2:57:18 ride time
55.94 miles
about 2000 feet of climbing

As we move east, the terrain is flattening out. We started out with moderately rolling hills and by the time we got to Concord, the roads were slightly flatter than many of the routes that I ride at home. As a result, our speed stated to pick up.

Lowe's Motor Speedway is really neat. I am staying in a race car garage in the infield. We were all disappointed that we were not allowed to go around the track as part of our route when we arrived but they are going to open up the track for an hour this evening. Until riding into the speedway, I did not realize that they painted the seats to make it look like people were in them. Tricky, huh?

When we first arrive, there was a Petty Driving Experience car in the garage with the indoor camping. It was moved soon afterward. The indoor camping in the garage was kind of neat.
The Concord chamber of commerce really dropped the ball. The vendors that they said were going to be here and the wine tasting that was supposed to be our entertainment did not materialized. We were all disappointed. Who wants to say, "I rode my bike across North Carolina and I went to a mall?"

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