Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Preparing for the pet sitter

Last week we used a pet sitter while we were out of town. We have not left the Girls with a pet sitter before and I was not quite sure what information to leave for her. I prepared a list of Hannah's regime and asked some dog friends what other information would be good to provide.
  • If your pet is on medication, leave detailed instructions on its use, even if you tell your pet sitter verbally how it's administered.
  • Any quirks that your dogs may have
  • Name and number of your vet
  • Your cell phone numbers, or a number for an alternate emergency contact person
  • Letter of permission with the pet sitter, allowing them to seek veterinary care
  • Notify the vets of when we were out of town, who was watching the dogs
  • Even if dropping off food, type of food and favorite treats
The basic template that I used was provided by a friend and modified for our use.

The dogs are:
  • Hannah: chocolate lab (14 yo)
  • Emma: golden retriever (6 yo)
I listed any quirks the dogs have here. For example, if it is dark, Hannah will want to go out the front door. Emma has gator jaws and we have worked with her on this but beware.

I also listed information about talking the dogs for a walk. For example, Hannah has a limited range and both girls know how to walk nicely on a leash, heel, etc. Don't let them tell you otherwise.


Breakfast time
Dinner Time
Any snacks

Even though food is being left, list name and amount of food "just in case."

Medications and supplements

Hannah has an extensive medication list. I included that in a separate section.

Contact information:
  • DH and me
  • a local emergency contact
  • our vet

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