Friday, March 27, 2009

Fit to drive

Two weeks ago I picked up my Honda Fit. It's blue and it's beautiful and I like it a lot. We had a trailer hitch put on for the bike so that I can easily bring the bike to local events. The seats fold down absolutely flat so it will be good for hauling other things as well.
Hannah and Emma have tested out the back briefly. Hannah liked it fine but Emma is not a big fan of the automobile and she was a bit skeptical.

So far I've been getting 33-35 mpg for my regular driving which I would classify as in town -- to and from work, grocery getting, to and from the gym and so on.

The funny thing is that this is the first automatic that I've had since 1990. I having to relearn how to drive without a stick shift!

Oh, the first weekend that I had it, I took it on a round trip drive to Wilmington, NC for a 10k where I placed in my age group. Woo hoo! This was only one week after an 8k that I felt less than good about (in my defense, the 8k was on a Sunday and I rode 70 miles on my bike on Saturday). Anyway, the car was nice on the highway too!


  1. The girls seem to approve heartily!!

  2. Nice! I have to admit, I am not a lover of tiny cars. Mostly for safety reasons - until everyone has one, I'm not getting one as long as there are still bigger trucks etc. It's just too dangerous where we live. But the gas mileage must be awesome!