Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring flowers

Yesterday I went to the arboretum and took some pictures of the flowers. Thunderstorms are predicted for the weekend and I thought there was a good chance that it would be the last opportunity to take pictures of the magnolia blooms and the cherry blossoms.

The first there photos are of the Yunnan crabapple tree near the entrance

This next set is of various magnolia trees on the grounds: The Lilliputian saucer magnolia, the Galaxy magnolia, the Jon Jon Gresham hybrid magnolia and the yellow lantern yellow magnolia.

Finally, there was a new looking bird's nest near one of the walkways.


  1. Great pictures! You are so lucky to have this to walk through.

  2. It is pretty cool to have an office right next to the NCSU arboretum!

  3. Gorgeous! Such a breath of fresh air when everythig here is still icky brown...

  4. These are beautiful! Hope the storms didn't do too much damage to your area. We had absolutely scary storms here last evening.