Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hannah's Carolina Hurricanes story

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Hannah is a big Carolina Hurricanes fan. Hannah's interest in the
team goes way back. In 2002, the Hurricanes made it to the Stanley Cup Finals where they played the Detroit Red Wings.

Kevin with Hannah and Emma in 2006. We were out of town for the (away) Sabres game that could have ended the 2006 run.

This was the spring that Marvin was with us. This was the spring after Penny had passed to the Bridge. Hannah took Penny's passing badly. She had always dreamed of being an only dog but when push came to shove, she really wanted her sister to be around. She was sad and lonely. We adopted Marvin.

As many of you recall, Marvin had kidney issues from the time that we adopted him. As the Hurricanes went further and further into the playoffs, Marvin got sicker and sicker. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad were yelling at the TV. From Hannah's point of view, this was not good.

Then our vet gave us the bad news. Marvin was not going to get better. We were out of treatment options. Our sweet, clownish boy needed to follow Penny to the Bridge. Hannah took this really hard. What was she doing wrong that her brother and sister had both gone to the Bridge? Why were Mom and Dad still yelling at the TV?

We could see that Hannah was having a hard time with all of this. Either she was home alone while we were at the game or we were at home tensely watching the game. We hit upon an idea. Every time the Hurricanes scored a goal, we would give Hannah a treat. This should
help her have a little bit of fun with hockey. Hannah started watching the games. She learned what the crowd reaction was to a goal scored and how the announcers presented this news. She learned the phrase "wrong team" and that Kevin throws his hands above his head when the Hurricanes score. She knows John Forslund's voice. When the announcers sound excited, she hops up and starts to stare at us in anticipation of her treat.

Since 2002 we have gotten a golden retriever, Emma. The golden has picked up on the hockey rules as well.

Emma is also a fan but Hannah gets much more into the games.

If only we could find Hurricanes bandannas for our dogs...

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