Monday, June 2, 2008

Now I'm worried...

Now I feel bad for saying that Hannah was saving money by not eating her pills. She has been off her food since last week. Even when we removed the pills, she was picking at her dry dog food. We have been using wet foods -- canned food, oatmeal, yogurt, ricotta, etc. -- as a stopgap measure since Friday night when she refused her dry food altogether. She is at the vet today, Monday, while they take a look at her. We are hoping that she broke a tooth but we are fearing worse.

4 pm update:
Hannah does not have a dental issue and radiographs show nothing wrong with the esophagus or abdomen. Our vet's recommendation at this time is to treat Hannah as if she has an upset stomach. Hannah's bloodwork should be back tomorrow and if the bloodwork shows nothing, ultrasound on Wednesday. But that's as far as she'd take it for a 13-14 year old patient. The risks on anesthesia for an MRI are too high considering they may not be much benefit.

7 pm update:
I know that some of my friends will want to know some details including exactly what medications that Hannah is on with her current treatment plan:
  • continue on tramadol and zubrin for arthritis
  • continue on amoxicillin for UTI
  • metronidazole, generic Flagyl (500 mg per tablet) every 12 hours for inflammation of intestinal tract
  • Famotidine tablets (pepcid ac) (20 mg daily) given concurrently with metronidazole
  • metoclopramide, generic Reglan (10 mg) given by mouth every 12 hours 20-30 minutes prior to meal for nausea and intestinal motility
  • Purina Veterinary Diets EN GastroENteric Canine Formula dog food
  • FortiFlora probiotic (30 packs) given with food.
If no improvement within 24 hours and the bloodwork does not show anything, an ultrasound is recommended for Wednesday after a 12 hour fast.

Two radiographs were taken. The films were read by the head of radiology of the vet school and showed no abnormalities. Hannah's lymph nodes and tonsils appeared normal. Her teeth and mouth appeared normal.

10 pm update
  • dinner stayed down fine
  • gums and lips appear to have better color. odd since I had not noticed that the color was pale before
  • mood is excellent but breathing appears to be fairly rapid or at least more rapid that is normal

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