Monday, June 30, 2008

That Winning Feeling

Yesterday afternoon I was doing some errands and listening to my iPod in the car. I had it on what I call "the big shuffle" and I let it pick out anything from Disturbed to Robert Plant to Barenaked Ladies to Bach. So, I was listening to No Doubt when on came a voice saying "...and there's another point that I'd like to make about language and that is that studies have been done that words spoken at random have an effect on us. So, not only am I very careful to censor my speech but I also deliberately choose words depending on what I want to do. I mentioned in the book, for instance, that sometimes I drive to the barn and depending on whatever spirit moves me, I might say harmony harmony harmony and then I ride my horse and have absolutely the most harmonious ride that day..."

I said to myself, hmmm. I must have forgotten to make the Jane Savoie tape that into an audiobook file (first using Join Together and then Make Bookmarkable). Then I listened to it anyway and thought, good timing.

I first got Choose Your Future and That Winning Feeling when Hannah was starting out in agility. A lot of agility competitors at that time had a background in horses and I'm sure that's where the recommendation came from.

It was very interesting to listen to this segment of Jane's presentation. I think that it would be good to revisit some of her recommendations about language with some of my current goals. I need to float up those climbs on the bike, for instance.

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  1. Maybe Reilly and I need to brush up on our Jane Savoie!