Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hannah cuts back

Hannah has been listening to too much NPR.  She is concerned about the economy.  I think that she has heard about higher gas prices and (horrors!!) food prices.

She has decided to help us out but cutting back -- not on treats though! Instead, she is refusing her pills. I know that this is just her labra-effort to save money but really, the Tramadol isn't that expensive -- and urking up the Zubrin was simply not helpful. She is even refusing her Fig Newton -- lick, chew, and spit out because a pill touched it.

Some have suggested wrapping Hannah's medications in cheese or adding a side of wet dog food to entice her to be a bit less picky about her food. The pills are already served either in (Tramadol) or on (Zubrin) a Fig Newton covered with local honey. Miss Brown Dog licks the local honey off the Fig Newton, places said Newton in her mouth, determines that there is a pill inside and spits out the nearly intact Newton and pills.

The Zubrin is on top of the Newton and covered with honey. Sort of like a sundae -- dry dog food, stuffed Fig Newton, Zubrin, a dollop of local sourwood honey. Unfortunately, this morning Zubrin went in but a white blob came back out about 15 minutes later.

Right now, I am thinking of backing off the Tramadol. That is the last thing that was added. The Brown One is smart. Maybe the Tramodol is bothering her tummy?


  1. Miss Hannah needs to realize that this is not the way to cut back! It's nice that she's trying to help and all but there's no need to go to extremes. Hannah - It's more important that you feel better than it is to save the money that's spent on the pills!

  2. I love Hannah. Ptui.... don't let them trick you, girl.

  3. Last night and this morning, pills were given and then food added to the bowls. Hannah ate all of her dinner but only part of her breakfast. She was just not interested. Her mood is good and her energy level seemed fine. She had non of her pain meds yesterday. If she is still off her food on Monday or we notice a decline in her mood/energy level, she'll be seeing Dr. Betsy.

    From her reaction this morning, I think that she is now finding the honey to be objectionably. She is getting local honey for possible allergies leading to blocked tear ducts.