Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cycle North Carolina - Day 5

CNC Day 5
Wingate to Laurel Hill
18.4 mph average speed
38.2 mph maximum speed
3:56:25 total ride time
72.57 miles
2650 feet of climbing

When we were in Wingate, there were signs saying to watch out for fire ants. After all, it would be a bad thing to set up your tent on top of hill of fire ants. One of the people that I was indoor camping near was Brian, a 17-year-old from the Charlotte area. Tim asked Brian to ride with us and Brian backed out -- because an ant bit him. He claimed to have swelling but we could not see it. He laughed when Tim said, "I'm three times your age." Tim's efforts to goad Brian into riding with us were fruitless though. I can just imagine the headline: Ant Bite Stops Cyclist.

The route from Wingate to Laurel Hill was still quite hilly. I kind of knew that but I was still hoping that the route profile was wrong. Tim took good care of me and saw me into Laurel Hill. I just had no legs for hills at all and Tim held up for me so that I didn't have to go it alone. I spent a lot of time looking at Tim's wheel. Jon rode with us from the rest stop on mile 49 to the end of the day's route.

I'm not quite sure about doing the century tomorrow. It's a goal and all but 100 miles is a long way and the route has us stopping at White Lake and then continuing for 25 miles only to circle back to White Lake. In other words, we could be done -- or continue on for another 25 miles. Ack.

Our final rest stop of the day was in Hamlet. I had not really been looking forward to it because all I knew of Hamlet was the fire but Hamlet is really a cute town with a really neat train station. Apparently it is the only Victorian Queen Anne train station in North Carolina.

After a long day on the bike, we arrive in Laurel Hill. The businesses in downtown Laurel Hill consist of Family Dollar, Pate's grocery, Pate's furniture, Pate's appliance along with a post office and a bank. Then, along US 74, is what we called The Strip BP, Citgo that sells pizza, used car place, home cooking type restaurant.

I am happy to report that despite the fact that the accommodations in Laurel Hill were less than luxurious, the caterer did a great job. We had hickory smoked chicken for dinner and the best biscuits of the trip for breakfast. They also found a nice band to play beach music on site. That helped the atmosphere a lot.


  1. I bet it is lovely to ride this time of year. What beautiful weather and colors!

    And thanks for the note on the scones - the finished product is definitely worth all that butter. But yeah, I blanched when I saw three sticks of butter called for. It just seems WHOA excessive, but I guess that's why scones are so yummy, LOL!

  2. Yes, we were very lucky about the weather. The temperatures were great and the leaves are just barely starting to turn. If they were coming off like they will be in a month, it would be awfully slick to ride on. I had a great time. I was with a great group and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can ride together again next year!