Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cycle North Carolina - Day 7

CNC Day 7
White Lake to Oak Island
21.0 mph average speed
26.5 mph maximum speed
3:39:59total ride time
77.09 miles

The day was fun and relatively uneventful. The sunrise over the lake was gorgeous.

We left White Lake at about 7:45. We started as a group of six -- Doug, Tim, Jon, Tracy, and Judith. Gary left a little bit ahead of us. He wanted to get to Oak Island early so that he could start his journey back to Michigan. Judith stayed with us for a little while and Tracy found another group to ride with before the second rest stop. There was not a whole lot to look at along the route. Our biggest events occurred between rest stops 2 and 3. First, rest stop 3 was relocated and we only found out when it wasn't at mile 47 where we were expecting it. Several miles later, there was some chalk lettering on the road telling us that it was in two miles. Over three miles after that, we found it at mile 52. That's a big difference on the final day of a 7 day ride. We were not happy. Also, between rest stops 2 and 3, Doug broke a spoke. Fortunately, the REI mechanics had a spare wheel to loan him so that he could finish the ride. It would have been awful to ride for six days and have a mechanical problem prevent you from finishing the final 25 miles!

At the final rest stop, we had a someone take a group photo and we headed to Oak Island.

DH met me in Oak Island, along with the Girls. After a final good-bye to the shower truck and a finish line lunch, we took Hannah and Emma down to the beach to cool off.


  1. WOW, what a great time!! My favorite picture of all is the one of the girls playing on the beach :)

  2. Hannah and Emma did a great job of greeting me. Well, Hannah more than Emma. Em may have been upset about losing her spot on the Big Bed!

  3. What a gorgeous sunrise! And the doggies look like they are having a blast.

  4. It was very nice of Hannah and Emma to meet me in Oak Island (and nice of DH to drive them)