Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa, No longer a Secret

Hannah and Emma say, "Thank you Santa Paws!"

Hannah would like to say a special thank to our canine-l Secret Santa for the Crunchy Peanut Butter Maple NuHemp Munchies. She was somewhat distracted by the yummy smell and attempted to have an unauthorized pre-dinner snack but was unable to open the box before it was moved it to safety for later distribution. She also loves her Dr. Noys Squirrel toy, immediately recoginizing it as hers! Hannah has also discovered the wooly green Frisbee. It is prefect for her!

Emma says thank you for the Greenies treats and salmon treats. She is busy testing the new tennis balls. DH and I love the purse and think that it is very Legally Blonde and Emma appropriate. If you recall, Emma is an Elle Woods wannabe at times.

Santa Paws also brought some gifts for the humans in residence here -- a golden retriever ornament, a Labrador retriever ornament and a retriever themed car coaster. Santa must have been paying attention to my Starbucks addiction!

Secret Santa is a canine-l tradition.


  1. Nice presents! I forgot to take pics last night, I will today!

  2. What a great score! ANd I just discovered those NuHemp crunchies in my local petstore.

    Happy Christmas!

  3. I know! Hannah and Emma really made out, didn't they! Both girls really love the squirrel and green frisbee and Em walks around deciding which tennis ball she should use. I didn't do too badly myself either.