Sunday, December 16, 2007

Secret Santa

Every year and e-mail list that I belong to does a Secret Santa gift exchange. In an earlier article, I mentioned that Hannah offered her Quality Control assistance with our outgoing package.

Each year, I hesitate before signing up for Secret Santa. I am always so unsure about what to get for the person whose name I get. I never really feel good about what I send. What do Rottweilers and Chihuahuas play with? Feeling a good bit of angst, I sent three (size appropriate) bone shaped toys in camo fabric, a rope bone, dog treats, a kong, kong stuffing, chocolates for the humans and a book called How to Have an Ill Behaved Dog (and I kept my fingers crossed that my recipient had the sense of humor that I thought she did!). On the other hand, I like reading about the secret Santa deliveries on the list.

As I see it, there are a few problems with SS.
  • The sign up date is so darn early. The deadline for signing up this year was originally in October. I understand, in a way. People want to know who they are assigned early enough to order a special gift, receive the gift, wrap it and then send it in the mail. The other part of the deadline -- get it in the mail by December 15 -- is set by the Post Office. December 15 is the last day for mailing by parcel post with an expected delivery prior to Christmas. Unfortunately, some people on the list seem to think that the gift should have been received by December 15.
  • The rules aren't really followed which makes me feel like I'm flying without a net.
    We try to set a limit at $20-$25. It is your prerogative to go over that limit, but you do not need to.
    The thing is, no one does that. So if the limit isn't really $25, where does that leave me?
Clearly these complaints aren't too serious. I participated again this year!

On Friday, we received a box from our secret Santa -- Elf Steph (aka, She Who Should Use Her Blog More). Elf Steph and her sidekick Reilly really outdid themselves and basically over did it. The girls received a Pink Pig and a similar sheep. Both the pig and sheep make a grunting nose that fascinates Emma. Hannah has been carrying one or the other around the house with her for days. They also received a bright orange retrieval kong toy for playing with outside and treats galore. Our elf also sent the human household members a gingerbread loaf (which Hannah attempted to claim for dogdom) and chocolate chip cookies and a cycling themed shirt and a desk calendar. Basically, it was an embarrassingly large array of goodies!
I only hope that my recepients enjoyed their package as much as we've enjoyed ours!

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