Monday, September 21, 2009

Bike MS 2009

This year I participated in my fifth Bike MS event and my second one in New Bern -- along with about 2,250 other cyclists on September 12-13.

I rode with my friends on Team CBC again. The team is great! We ride together throughout the year and have a number good organizers who do a great job of keeping us on track. I'm sure it's a lot like herding kittens! Several team members arrived at Union Point Park early and set up tents for team members so that we all had our sleeping tents circle around the a large team tent. Not only is the team a group of good riders, we are good fund raisers too! Team CBC has raised over $80,000.

On Friday night after setting up camp, Carolina Brewing Company hosted a team party at a local Bed and Breakfast. This was a great way to socialize with the team and a nice way to kick off the weekend.

This year, I rode the double century again. On Saturday after the team photo (this is where the kitten herding came in!) we found others who were riding our distance at out pace and heading to the start area. Bike MS offers four routes each day -- 30, 50, 75 and 100. The two longer routes start at 8:00 and the two shorter routes start an hour later.

The weather was great -- low 80s with very little wind. On Saturday I had a personal best for the 100, averaging 20.5 miles per hour. Sunday was an equally nice day.

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