Monday, September 28, 2009

Cycle North Carolina - Day 2

CNC Day 2
Lenoir to Statesville
17.5 mph average speed
36.8 mph maximum speed
3:13:43 ride time
56.52 miles
about 3000 feet of climbing

We started the day with a climb out of the parking lot and it just kept coming for the first ten miles. By the time we got to the first rest stop, though, the grade started to improve so it was closer to rolling.

Our gang of five stayed together well. The scenery was not as dramatic as yesterday but we got some nice views of the Piedmont at times. We almost had a crisis at the PB&J stop because the port-a-pots were delayed (driver got lost) -- thankfully the church hosting the rest stop let us inside. We saw the port-a-johns arrive as we were leaving.

On our way to Statesville, we passed Fort Dobbs, a French and Indian War site. I did not see a fort per se so did not stop. I understand that there is nothing standing and nothing has been excavated at the site.

After we arrived at our temporary home, we had two unpleasant surprises (1) indoor camping was sparse and (2) the shower trucks were not working. Apparently the church hosting us for the evening was expecting 1/2 to 1/3 the number of indoor campers that there are. We were able to get a spot in an alcove because we arrived before most of the other cyclists. After some scrambling, our host was able to house everyone -- sometimes in unexpected places!

Tim after securing an indoor camping spot and then finding out that showers were unavailable.

The story with the shower trucks is less clear. Apparently the shower truck company hooked up to a fire hydrant. This is common practice and typically there is a water meter on the fire hydrant. They hooked up as usual but the Statesville fire marshall came and threatened a $1000 fine so they unhooked. It seems that some phone calls were made and some money exchanged hands and after a delay of an hour or so, the shower trucks were up and running.

Once we were situated, Chris, Tim and I took a shuttle bus downtown. (Unfortunately, the church was not located within walking distance of downtown.) We visited the Museum of Mountain Bike Art and Technology, The Second Fret and a music store that I need to tell my dad about (they had high end banjos). After all of the turmoil at the campground, The Second Fret was awesome!

We did not feel particularly welcome in Statesville -- especially after they sent us off with a breakfast of still cold frozen Lender's bagels and instant oatmeal.

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