Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cycle North Carolina - Day 1

CNC Day 1
Blowing Rock to Lenoir
17.3 mph average speed
40.2 mph maximum speed
3:25:37 ride time
59.33 miles
about 3500 feet of climbing

The rain cleared in the nick of time! When we went outside to get breakfast, we could see the stars so we knew that it was clear.

All of the riders were excited about the first day of riding. A few were nervous about all of the climbing. I think that the Blue Ridge Parkway intimidated some of them. I later heard that some people walked the hills.

Tim (in black) and Doug (in yellow) climbing the Blue Ridge Parkway. Note, that they did not stop for me when they saw me taking this picture!

We started off by climbing to the Blue Ridge Parkway entrance an then did a climb on the Parkway including the Linn Cove Viaduct. I stopped a few times to take some pictures and managed to get back to my riding group. We got off the Parkway and passed Grandfather Mountain making our way toward Lenoir. The route was nice and the views from the BRP with the fog below were gorgeous -- especially from the viaduct. Some of the descents were a bit nerve wracking because it looked slick from the rain the night before and there were wet leaves scattered in some places. I had no problems on the descent but I was nervous at first. Once I found that it looked slick but was not, I settle down.

Tim, Jon, Chris, Doug and I rode together.

Lenoir was a great host town. Kevin G., Chris and I went downtown to check things out. They had a Biergarten set up for us, several musicians played and some restaurants that are normally closed on Sundays stayed open. The music was really good and they had plenty of shuttle buses. I do wish that more of the shops were open for us.

Outdoor camping in Lenoir (top), Chris near the outdoor camping (bottom)

Several of us had the meal plan and ate together -- Kevin G., Doug, Chris and I had dinner together each night. The dinner in Lenoir was good -- lasagna and other pastas, salad, yellow squash and chocolate cake.

Tomorrow, we head to Statesville.

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