Monday, January 14, 2008

Perhaps a canine-l wiki?

Over the weekend I started work on the canine-l wiki. Canine-l is an e-mail list that I've been on for over thirteen years! I was on the list before Hannah came to us. Wow! That's a while.

Anyway, after doing some wiki training at work, I was chatting with some canine-l friends off list and suggested that we might find a wiki to be useful. Since we are all spread out, it would have to be hosted by some place other than our respective universities/employers. I looked at pbwiki, wikia and wetpaint. It looks like we're going with wetpaint.

One of the other people that has offered to be an administrator liked the interface. Wikia is nice because it uses mediawiki but i can see why she liked the cleaner look of the wetpaint page. We're still messing around with it and basically putting up a straw man for people to poke at.

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