Thursday, April 17, 2008

Grandma's progress

Yesterday a friend of mine asked for a progress report on my grandmother. Here it is!

Grandma is still at The Oaks but she is off restriction -- no longer in contact isolation because the MRSA infection is gone. The infection was a bit of a setback for her because she needed to see the surgeon that fixed her hip so that she can be cleared to put weight on it. The surgeon couldn't see her while she had the MRSA infection. That means that her physical therapy had two set backs. While she was in isolation, she had PT but in her room so it was limited and now she has one week longer before she can put weight on it. They are guessing that she should be walking about two weeks after that. This means three more weeks at The Oaks.

Where she goes from there is anyone's guess. My mom is thinking that Grandma needs an assisted living place rather than an independent living place like Abbotswood. This brings up a whole mess of issues like the fact that assisted living costs a lot more. The siblings will probably need to discuss the situation because of the cost and so on.

Grandma is feeling a whole lot better now that she is off the strong antibiotics. They weighed her when she moved into The Oaks and again on Tuesday. She lost 20 pounds during the two weeks she was on those medications.

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