Sunday, April 6, 2008


At lunch on Friday I went out and took some pictures of the wisteria that I can see from my office as well as a some other pictures of what is in bloom at the NCSU Arboretum. Wisteria blooms are around for only a short time. They look like bunches of grapes hanging from trees and some of the vines seem to have gone wild our area -- like kudzu, only prettier and less invasive.

The photo below is of the wisteria on the fence outside of my office window. The arboretum is on the other side of the fence.

The bottom two photos were taken inside the arboretum. They also have some wisteria with white flowers in the arboretum but the purple flowering vines are much more familiar.


  1. I love the wisteria. It's all over the place here.

  2. Before moving the Raleigh area, I had never lived anywhere with wisteria. It's really beautiful and it's found in unexpected places.

  3. We had wisteria around our house in BC and I just loved it.