Friday, April 25, 2008

Hannah update

Last week Hannah had a scary episode and was diagnosed with old dog vestibular. After one week, I am happy to report that she is doing much better. After a week, she is not quite 100% but she is doing well.

When I first picked her up from the vet at last Thursday, she already looked better. I let her use the bathroom in the front yard before going into the house but then she wanted to go out back with Emma. I let her but supervised. She stumbled on the threshold on the way out and kind of did a controlled fall down the six steps to the backyard. (this did not bother her although it did bother me). She went back up the stairs just fine. She slept well, which is good because she had tossed and turned the night before.

For the first two days, she stopped at the top of the stairs each morning and wagged her tail/held her ears indicating that she wanted and assisted going down. I carried her. She also indicated that the back door was not an option so she went out front (just two steps). Once or twice she got "trapped" upstairs without meaning to.

She's been going both up and down the steps fine since then. Her only problems now are that she crashed and burned when she jumped on the Big Bed (needed a butt assist to get all the way on but she was feeling well enough to try and that's something) and she seems to be holding her rear legs somewhat differently. She is playful and looks like Hannah and that's a huge relief.

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  1. I'm so glad she's doing well! I just got my Whole Dog Journal and the first article is about old dog vestibular!