Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wednesday night OMV ride

Last night Oh Melo Velo (OMV) was great as usual. I saw k1v1n there as well as several of the people that I ride with most weekends -- Jim, Sandra, Mark, John-on-the-single-speed -- and several OMV friends -- Eugene, Lisa, John, Sandra H.

The route for OMV is always an out and back. The turnaround time was 6:48 last night. The route last night went in a different direction than it has for the first few weeks and I really enjoyed it once we got across the railroad tracks. A train must of come just before we arrived because traffic was all jammed up and we were there for two light cycles. Even so, my average heart rate for the ride was quite hight.

I hung with the fastest group for the first 10 miles and then was in contact with them for the next three or so and completely lost contact just before the turnaround. I saw them coming back as I approached the turnaround and almost got back on but there was traffic where I needed to turn left so the last half of the ride was solo. I was pretty happy with how I rode and I didn't mind riding along but was a little embarrassed to come into the parking when I did. I just said that I was playing at being sweeper.

All in all, I had a nice time again this week.

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