Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankgsiving turkey trot

This Thanksgiving, we decided to have a new tradition. My aunt, my mom, DH and I all participated in the Ridgewood Turkey Trot 8k. Aunt Pat and I ran, DH and mom walked. We paired off and stayed together. Dad and Walter stayed home and guarded the turkey this year.

This morning Mom, Pat, DH and I met up at the Ridgewood shopping center along with about 1996 other people. We saw someone with a Cat in the Hat hat and another person dressed up like a turkey We watched the kids one mile fun run and then we were took off down Ridge Road for about two miles before looping through a neighborhood and then going back on Ridge Road to the finish. All four of us were smiling at the end.

The four participants have decided that this should be an annual event and the pressure is on for my dad to participate. He has 364 days to train for it!

After heading home to clean up and relax for a bit, DH and I went to my parents house for dinner -- too much food as always turkey and stuffing and baked sweet potatoes and... followed up by apple pie and maple cream pie. Yikes!

This is also the first holiday since my grandmother passed away. She was definitely missed and remembered today. I think that is one reason we were kind of looking for a new tradition.


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  1. Boy, can I ever see the family resemblance between you three!!

    The first holidays without a loved one are always the hardest... well, that whole first year is. :(