Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another day in the saddle!

Today was another good riding day. It was nice and sunny out and was in the high 40s when we started and about 60 degrees when we finished.

I rode just over 62 miles in preparation for the Frostbite Tour 100k in two weeks. I've been going to one of the local shop rides (btw, Emma stopped by to say, "Hi"). Today I wanted to add some miles so I went to and from the ride on my bike. I'm still loving the Madone.

I feel like I'm on track for my riding goals:
I'm happy. I wanted to share!

Note: The route is actually 51 miles. The mapping software does not seem to have the correct data for Horton's Pond Road.

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  1. Though our chosen saddles are quite different, I appreciate the joys of a ride that meets or exceeds your expectations. I'm glad you had a good ride on a lovely day. Thanks for sharing.