Monday, February 25, 2008

More car stuff

I've been thinking about my next car. On Saturday at the Frostbite bike ride I saw a Honda Fit with two bikes mounted on a roof rack. They had their from wheels ff which isn't exactly what I am looking for but I was both interested and excited to see a car that I am looking at an event that I'd like to take it to. I mentioned this siting to DH when I called him to let him know when I'd be home and he asked what kind of rack (Yakima). I had my camera with me so I took a picture to show him.

Yesterday, DH suggested that we swing by the Honda dealer to pick up literature on the Fit and the Element. The dealer was closed but we looked at both the Fit and the Element. The Fit seemed more me but I worry that I'd miss some of the good things about the Element (camping, bike inside). On the other hand, do you buy a car for the few times of the year that you go camping? Seriously, we could take two cars if that was an issue. In fact, in some ways that might be preferable since DH could go whitewater kayaking seperately.

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