Monday, February 4, 2008

MS150 change of venue

I've participated in the MS150 Breakaway to the Beach for the last three years and I've been looking forward to riding it it again this year. I love that ride.

It used to go from Rockingham, NC to Darlington, SC and then end in Myrtle Beach. DH and I would have a celebratory meal after the ride and then have a vacation at the beach. It was great. Last year they made it so that both days were in Myrtle Beach and that wasn't quite as great but it all worked out. Now it seems that the whole ride is moving to Greenville, SC. I'm so sad and upset. I loved that ride so much that I planned my surgery in 2006 so that I would have about 50 weeks of recovery time before the 2007 ride.

Sure, there are other options. I just am so disappointed. It has been a focus of my training and I've built some traditions around it. I'll build new ones in 2008.

I could do the New Bern ride. Then I could still go to Myrtle Beach or else to the Outer Banks for vacation. The down side is that I'd still be three hours drive from vacation (or two and a half hours from home) after completing my ride. The up side is that I could ride with my Team CBC friends this year. When I mentioned the possible venue change to DH he said, "Kayaking!"


  1. Greenville is sooooo much better. Myrtle Beach was unsafe and its a hole in the wall.

  2. I've heard Rock Hill to Greenville but haven't seen that written anywhere. Is that what you heard as well? Any reference to this or just word of mouth? I really enjoyed Myrtle last year and was looking forward to doing the ride there again this year.


  3. I heard that they are looking for a place to have a single point
    where people can stay both nights and that Myrtle Beach was not in the running.

    Then I saw that there was going to be a VIP preview last weekend (2/23) and the route that was shown was from Rock Hill to Greenville (what happened to the stay both nights requirement?). The route was described as "scenic and rolling areas beginning just south of Charlotte and ending in one of the southeast’s largest cycling communities, Greenville, SC."

    Futhermore, the other MS 150 coordinators have said Greenville.

    Maybe we'll hear something official this week.

    This could have been handled so much better

  4. Thanks for the info. I hope we hear something definite soon, interested to see what they decide. I think they may lose a lot of people if they move it from the beach. I like Greenville very much but a ride to Greenville doesn't hold the appeal that a ride to the beach does. The Savannah ride sounds more appealing at this point but I'll wait to see what they do.

  5. The Savannah River ride is gone. They decided to focus all of the office's efforts on one ride.

  6. I grew up in SC and travel there from Texas to ride in the "Beach" ride every year (with subsequent vacation). Needless to say, I won't be driving 1000 miles to participate in a Greenville / Rockhill ride.

  7. I love Greenville. Beautiful area and much more cycling friendly than Myrtle Beach. Greenville itself is becoming quite trendy with new restaurants and a picturesque downtown. The Poinsett is one nice hotel and there's also a new Hampton Inn right across from Reedy River park which is gorgeous!

    Also, it's usually not as hot as the beach where it can still be quite muggy that time of year.

  8. Thanks for the comment. I'm sure that Greenville is great, it's just not the easy sell to my family that Myrtle Beach was.