Thursday, March 13, 2008

Grandma in rehab

No, not that kind of rehab! She was transferred from the hospital to a rehab center while she recovers from her broken hip. She's at Rex Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center of Apex, which is pretty close to my house.

Since her fall last Friday, her health has been really up and down. On Saturday, she was super cranky and not making sense. My mom said that maybe she had a mini-stroke. On Sunday and Monday, though, Grandma is in a really good mood. Then Tuesday, not so good. She had a lot of visitors on Monday so maybe she was tired? Mom went over all of the medications with the nurses in the hospital and everything seemed to be in order, however, Grandma has a history of not taking her medications. Maybe there are some side effects that we weren't seeing earlier?

On Tuesday afternoon, Grandma was transferred to the nursing home for rehabilitation. They didn't have any beds in the rehab wing so she's in the nursing wing for a few days. Last night Mom was very worried and mentioned mini-strokes again and said that Grandma's speech was slurred which is new. We are hoping that once she is moved to the considerably livelier rehab wing, she will feel more herself.

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