Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh Melo Velo

Last night I participated in my first Oh Melo Velo ride -- and the first OMV ride of 2008. The way that it is organized is really cool. At the beginning of each ride they provide a cue sheet listing an out and back route and a Magic Time. Last night the time was 6:40 because the ride always leaves at 6:00 and sunset was 7:20.

The ride is sort of two rides in one. The OMV "fast group" and the Slow Spokes group which is 12-18 mph.

The ride was really fun and it seems like a good group of people. I saw Jim, K1v1n, Lisa, John, Ralph, Zonda and met Frank and Fred and Eugene. The only bad thing is that I lost my bike computer somewhere in the last mile or so. It must have popped off when I was going over a bump on Old Raleigh Road because I was averaging 18.6 and then I looked down a few minutes later and it was gone!

Jim went out somewhat further than I did and he said that he did 24 miles. K1v1n didn't go quite as far as me and he said 24 miles as well. I'm writing 24 miles down in my training log. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

After work today, I retraced the route from James Street to the BP on Old Raleigh Road. Nothing. I turned around at the BP and came back and what was in the middle of the street but -- my bike computer! Woo hoo!

I don't think that it will work though. Time to head to the local bike shop for a replacment...

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