Sunday, March 9, 2008

Grandma's fall and her plans to move

The plan was for Grandma to move on April 1. We thought the problem was her plans to go to Atlanta for the week of Easter but it turns out that is not the issue at all.

On Friday Grandma fell. She was able to get to a phone to call my parents but my parents quickly determined that they could not move her and called 911. She was transported to a local hospital where they found that she broke her hip. The good news is that after rescheduling her surgery twice, they were able to get her in on Friday and she was admitted to the hospital where she will stay until Tuesday. Then she will be discharged to a nursing home for rehab. We are expecting her to be in rehab for a week or two.

While she was in the Emergency Room waiting for the surgery, they gave her several morphine injections. At one point, after her surgery was rescheduled for a second time, she turned to my mom and asked, "Do you think we should cancel?" Mom explained that canceling was probably not an option!

Later on, one of the nurses came in and another nurse commented to the first nurse, "Oh your pregnant!"

Grandma replied, "But I'm 88!"

When I saw Grandma today, she was in a good mood. Apparently that was not the case yesterday.

At this point, her move to to Abbotswood retirement home is still on. Instead of moving from her apartment to the retirement home, though, she will be moving from the nursing home. That means that my mom and dad are going to end up going through 16 years of stuff that she has accumulated since moving to Raleigh from Milwaukee. Since her apartment is more than twice the size of her rooms in the retirement home, this is be no small task. The apartment is packed to overflowing and that makes it even more difficult.

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  1. I'm sorry about your Grandma's hip. And sorry about the monumental task of getting her apartment sorted out and moved. But I'm really glad she's got family to help with all of this.