Thursday, March 13, 2008

Naked Juice Energy

Last Thursday, spin class was, uh ... challenging. After 15 minutes the instructor asked if we were ready to to start working.

Someone -- a newbie -- innocently asked, "What have we been doing up to now?" We were all wondering the same thing but we were afraid to ask. Ugh.

Anyway, the instructor said that it must be the Naked Juice with caffeine that was doing it. His wife had been getting Naked Juice for him... Bad bad bad. After some behind the scenes research, we were able to determine that Naked Juice Energy Cherry Pomegranate Power is his drug of choice. The power referred to is caffeine from guarana extract (about 80 mg per two serving bottle) in addition to green tea extract and B vitamins. (Hint: All of the blends in their Energy product line have yellow caps.)

This morning, most of the class came in with Naked Juice. One class regular said that he thought about printing a sign saying, "I got Naked with..." but decided against it.

I had never had Naked Juice before and I'm not a comsumer of "energy drinks" outside of coffee products. All I have to say is that about 30 minutes after consuming half a bottle --


  1. OOh I need to get some of this Naked Juice. Where did you find it??

  2. Naked Juice can be found in the produce section of most grocery stores. Class members found it at both Harris Teeter and Lowes.

    Starbucks carries some of the Naked Juice line but not the Energy.