Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Biking with the Band

This weekend was really busy, rides and cooking and lots of stuff. Good busy but still busy.

Biking with the Band on Saturday was was good. It was my first MS150 training ride of the year. This is the first time that they had it in May. Before it was in August and that was good until the Jimmy V Ride for Research started on the same weekend. I like the route even though it's closer to 68 than 62 (which freaks some people out since 100k is 62 miles). Who ever was in charge of the weather this year needs to be drafted into that role again next year! It was great fantastic terrific weather -- sunny, temperature in the low 70s. I'm not sure that we could have asked for more!

Oh, in case you are wondering, it's called Biking with the Band fund raiser for the Middle Creek High School band. We had marching band music as we pulled out to start the ride. As a former band member and current cyclist, how could I pass this up?

After the ride on Saturday morning, I visited my grandmother, went to Costco and got Hannah's prescription refilled and got some supplies for my cooking experiment, put together a gazillion meals, and watched 27 Dresses. In an effort to get ahead of the game on weeknights that I have training rides, I decided to try to do some freezer recipes from Saving Dinner. We'll see how that goes. This involved the shopping, preparation and packaging.

On Sunday I went on my regular group ride and finished the gazillion dinners. Oh, and I had blueberry pancakes for dinner. YUM.

While I was busy with this, DH was in the western part of the state in a whitewater kayaking clinic near Bryson City. He spent some time at Fontana Lake on Saturday morning and kayaked on the Nantahala River both days. Overall, I think that it was a fun and tiring weekend for him!

DH relayed one story that was entertaining. On Sunday, one of the people in his group wanted to try a new kayak. The group loaded up the boats, went to the rental place to pick up the other boat, unloaded the already loaded boats to fit the additional one on, and went off to the put in point. After a few miles, what should appear on the road in from of them but a bright yellow kayak that had come flying off the top of the car. DH's bright yellow kayak. Someone said, "Nice boof!" The kayak, which was unharmed since it had skidded along the roadway on it's bottom, was reloaded and tied more securely.

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