Sunday, May 4, 2008

My first 100 mile bike ride

Today I completed my first 100 mile ride. I participated in the Raven Rock Ramble. Last year, I rode the 100 kilometer route but this year, I went The Distance -- 105.39 miles. For a short section just before the 70 mile rest stop, my bike and I were not friends. After that stop, though, we made up.

I rode with six other riders -- Larry, Sandra M., Chris, Fred, Tom and Doug. We frequently ride together on Saturday and Sunday shop rides. It was funny because none of I realized that Chris only does Sunday rides with us and Doug typically does Saturday rides with us and that they had never ridden together before.

Below is a photo taken after 91 miles for riding. The top photo was taken before the ride. The side photo was taken at the first rest stop.

The route was nice, although there was a section where we saw "a whole lotta nothing" and Doug complained that he wanted his iPod to make it more interesting.

The route:


  1. Congrats on the ride! Better you than me though :)!

  2. Great job!!!!! You 'rock'.