Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grandma gets a move on

At the beginning of the month, my mother hosted a Family Meeting in which The Siblings all visited with Grandma to help determine where she will live once she is discharged from The Oaks where she has participated in a rehab program to help her recover from a broken hip. Nothing was determined at the meeting. The four siblings came up with a 2-2 tie. Two were in favor of independent living and two in favor of assisted living.

My parents kept on coming back to the two Sunrise Senior communities in Raleigh. My uncle in Atlanta offered that Grandma could move there. His mother-in-law is currently at Sunrise at Ivey Ridge near his home. After thinking about it for several days and getting input from The Oaks that assisted living is really where Grandma belongs, Grandma has decided to move to Atlanta. I think that her feeling is at least she will know someone there. Never mind the fact that the two grandmas have only met a very few times! Grandma has reservations for a studio unit which is similar to an Embassy Suites in terms of layout.

Since making the decision to relocate to Atlanta, Grandma has been kind of cranky. I'm sure that it's partly nerves. One example of said crankiness was on Mother's Day. The Oaks hosted a Mother's Tea and my mom joined Grandma there. There were flowers everywhere and all of the mothers got a corsage. Grandma like the corsage! Then they had some games like who has the most children, who has the most grandchildren and so on. Grandma had the third most grandchildren (seven) and she won a prize -- a gift basket of lotions from The Body Shop. She turned to my mother and grumbled, "What's and Old Lady going to to with these lotions?"


Grandma has lived in Raleigh for about sixteen years. Moving Day is Monday, May 19. It will be quite a change for all of us when she moves.


What a change.


  1. Does this mean you'll be coming to Atlanta to visit??

  2. Maybe so. The thing is, we have been to Alpharetta for agility trials and contacted my uncle saying we should get together -- no response. I don't know what that means now.

    Grandma fell one day this week. She was going for a chair in the dining room and so another resident (Grandma said "some crazy lady"). Grandma lost her balance and fell. X-rays, embarrassment, bruised pride. On top of that, she has another UTI. The health issues p are coming faster and faster.

    Mom and Dad are driving Grandma to Atlanta next week. Mom is taking her in the car and Dad is driving a U-Haul containing Grandma's stuff.

    My parents sorted her belongings from the apartment (remember, she was in a regular apartment complex until this March. Not independent living or anything, just a regular apartment) and put it into a storage locker. Only about half of the stuff made it into storage. Only about half of the stuff in storage will fit into the studio unit that Grandma is moving into so another major sorting is underway.