Monday, August 11, 2008

Hannah Progress Report, Week of August 11

Hannah has been doing well. She was due for blood work again last week and we have the results back. When I spoke with Hannah's primary care physician, Dr. S said that she was, "Stunned."

"Good news -- all the liver values are back within normal values and the BUN has dropped from 45 to 38."

June 3
2821 1901
June 4
June 182108505
July 8476173
August 710966

June 3 29 1.0
June 252.0
June 18382.1
July 8451.8
August 7381.4

Hannah is continuing to take a lot of different medications and supplements. We discussed stopping the FortiFlora when we run out of that and repeating her blood work 30 days after discontinuing the FlortiFlora. Then we will stop the Actigall, do blood work and then, after she has been on the Denamarin for a total of six months, we'll consider stopping that as well. Dr. S said that Hannah will continue the melatonin and oil supplements for life as well as the osteoarthritis medications.

Hannah's current medications: osteoarthritis (Tramadol 50 mg (3x daily), Zubrin 200mg), urinary tract infection (Amoxicillin 500mg, FortiFlora probiotic), Denamarin 425 mg, Actigall 300mg, Famotidine (10mg, 3x daily); melatonin (3mg, 2x daily); food prepared at home under the guidance of our veterinarian

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  1. I'm glad Hannah is doing well! Give both dogs kisses from me.