Sunday, August 10, 2008


On Friday night DH and I went to see Wilco in concert at the Amphitheatre at Regency Park in Cary. It was a great show. The group had a lot of stage presence and did an impressive amount of improve -- especially during Hoodoo Voodoo and Spiders.

The concert was contained nearly two dozen songs and ran over two hours in length. During several of the songs, a horn section called Total Pro horns.

Some of the more memorable things about the concert
  • Jeff Tweedy's dry sense of humor
  • dualing guitars during Hoodoo Voodoo
  • The improv improv. During one song -- Walken -- a guitar solo was about to start and a string broke. The guitar player held his hands wide open and kind of shrugged to indicate, "What now?" Jeff Tweedy said, "Start over." The guitar player scrambled for a minute and then ended up doing keyboard solo
As I said earlier, Wilco was great -- even the N&O approved in their review -- the venue, however, was tough. The line of site was there is not very good. I think that it was designed as place to see the North Carolina Symphony. There is not enough slope the the lawn. Seated, the sound was muffled and standing, the sound was better but the stage was still not easily visible. We saw a lot of the taller people in front of us.

DH and I agree, we will definitely be seeing Wilco again!

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