Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday night with Live

On Saturday night, DH and I went to see Collective Soul, Blues Traveler and Live at Regency Park. DH had a good time at the Wilco concert last week so he went and got tickets for this show last Tuesday.

Collective Soul was first. Overall I think that their set was pretty low energy. I'm not sure that it was entirely their fault. I think that the first slot was a tough one and the crowd still filtering in didn't help any. They played most of their hits in their time on stage -- just over 45 minutes. They sounded good. The one song that I did not like was one from Afterwards sung but Joel Kosche. I had not realized that Ed Roland, Collective Soul's lead singer, had Steve Parry hair -- but blond!

After Collective Soul, there wasa loonnnggg transition of 30+ minutes between acts. You'd think that they would have practiced that...

Blue Traveler was next. Their set ran for about an hour and was very enjoyable. John Popper was amazing on the harmonica. I'm not sure when he had time to breath between long passages on the harmonica and his fast rap-like singing. DH ask if I knew were they were from and I said, "Margaritaville." The real answer is Princeton, NJ. Of course they played both Run Around and Hook. They had good engery and crowd started to really get into the show. I thought it odd when John Popper turned his back to the crowd and took a smoke break three-quarters of the way through the set. I guess it was supposed to be a keyboard solo but it ended up just being a smoke break.

After another lengthy transition, Live came out for their set.

Live played for over an hour. Live did a great job. Of course they played I Alone, Lightening Crashes, All Over You, Heaven and Sophia. The band had a lot of stage presence and Ed Kowalczyk, the lead singer, did great. They sounded good. John Popper from Blues Traveler came out and did one song with Live as well. The crowd was into it to the point that we had Drunken Dance Guy in front of us who we thought might hurt himself.

DH said that he enjoyed himself but felt a little bit old. Both Collective Soul and Live introduced songs as "from way back in 199x." The crowd was mostly our age and he said that it had a little bit of nostalgia tour feel to it. I told him that if he wanted nostalgia tour music, we could always get tickets to see Belinda Carlisle, ABC and Flock of Seagulls in the Regeneration Tour. He said that he'd pass, thanks.

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