Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hannah turns 14!

Happy birthday Hannah!

Gosh, just a few months ago Hannah was so sick that I had serious concerns about whether or not Hannah would make it to 14. Since then, she has improved and hit a plateau. She remains feisty, often exhibiting her opinion about the food that I make for her and he continues to make it clear that she will accept the pills but not like it.

I thought that I'd share some pictures of Hannah as a youngster. All of these photos were taken before we went digital so I had to scan them in. The first photo was taken on Hannah's first birthday. Hannah came to live with us when she was about 10 months old so she was still pretty new to our household when this photo was taken. She did not like the party hat very much. She was insulted and we never made her wear a hat again.

The second photo was taken in the spring of 1999. Hannah loves the water and we've always enjoyed going to the beach with her. In this photo, she is anticipating a ball being thrown to her.

The final two photos are of Hannah doing agility. After getting her CGC, Hannah competed in flyball and then moved on to agility. The first is of her doing the tire and the second shows her exiting the tunnel. Hannah and I really enjoyed agility. I was sorry when Hannah had to retire from the sport but I still feel that it was the right thing to do. We rehabbed her ACL once and went back to competing and it started to act up again. We rehabbed her ACL a second time and decided that it was best for her to focus on being a companion rather than a competitor.

As you can tell, Hannah is a very special dog. I'm sure that all of you have picked up on how much I love her and how happy DH and I are that she has been a part of our lives.


  1. Awesome pics of Hannah! A big Happy Birthday to her from Reilly and I!!!

  2. A very happy birthday to you Hannah from Ms. Harley and me! You are a lovely girl!

  3. Happy Birthday Hannah! That is a gorgeous agility photo of her.