Monday, June 4, 2007

Cycling across the country

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On Sunday I needed to get a three hour bike ride in as part of my training for the Tour de Cure. Tropical Storm Barry was in the area and we had the associated rain throughout the day. I decided that there was not going to be a dry three hour window so I left the house at about 9:15 for my ride. As I got to Wilsonville and pulled into the gas station there, two cyclists pulled in behind me. They were each pulling trailers. We chatted for a bit:

"How are you? "


"Do you know if there are any hotels in Pittsboro?"

She said that they were from Houston and had ridden from Clayton the day before. I asked about their final destination. "Oh, I'm leaving him in Kentucky and meeting up with another group there. My final destination is Oregon." She said that she was picking up the TransAmerica Trail in Kentucky.

Now that's a bike ride!

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