Thursday, June 14, 2007

Made in China

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6:12pm Thursday, Jun 14

Recently, I read something about the true cost of offshoring. This commentary said that offshoring is costing America more than previously thought, US economic growth is overstated and any economic slowdown understated.

Clearly this made an impression on me since I started to think about it as I was changing from workout to work mode this morning. That brought me the question: Is this important to buy American? I probably know more about where my food was grown than I know about what's in my closet. I started to check the assembled in and made in labels on my gear. It turns out that my Japanese car (assembled in Indiana), the book in my bag (printed in USA) and the water bottle on my desk at work (made in USA) are the only things in my quick inventory that were not imported.

The commentary that I saw earlier in the week, referred to an article in BusinessWeek, The Real Cost Of Offshoring discusses the flaws in the Federal Reserve's economic statistics, the obsolesce of our nation-centric view of the economy during a time of rapid globalization and the precariousness of U.S. competitiveness.

Workout gear

Trek bike shorts - Mexico
Izod workout Top - Macau
Jogbar sports bra - China
Champion underwear - Turkey
Target Towel 1 - China
Target Towel 2-Thailand
Pearl Izumi Bike shoes - China
Polar HRM- China

Work Gear

Van Huesen linen shirt - China
Columbia pants - El Salvador
Hanes underwear - El Salvador
Maidenform bra - Indonesia
Merrell shoes - China

Also used

Apple computer- China
Kensington optical mouse - China
Apple keyboard - Malaysia
Samsung monitor - Mexico
Palm PDA- China
Subaru car - Indiana!
Harper Collins book - USA
Apple MP3 Player- China
Timbuk2 bag - China
Eddie Bauer lunch box - Vietnam
Eddie Bauer purse - Vietnam
Reusable Bags grocery bag - India
Timex watch - No country of info
Kyrocera cell phone - Mexico
Nalgene / REI water botter - USA
Starbucks stainless steel mug - Korea

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