Monday, June 4, 2007

Speaking of Father's Day, I have a Mother's Day story to share

This falls under the category of "Shoot me if I ever get this way..."

My mother shared a story about my grandmother with me. My grandmother has four children, Aunt Patty in France, Uncle Joe in NJ, Uncle Phil in Atlanta and, of course, my mom.

My mom called and asked my grandmother how her week had been going.

"Well, it has been just awful. First I got a package of handmade cards from Atlanta. Who would give an old woman cards?! What I am going to do with them. And there was some home made card signed by the kids (yes, the kids would be her three grandchildren in Atlanta).

"Then, I got my Harry and David. But it was the wrong one. I cannot believe that they ordered me the wrong one. It was supposed to have sausage and cheese in it. (from Joe)

"The next day, I got some tulips in a round vase. The flowers are half dead and who would put tulips in a round vase? I had to go all around my apartment to find a vase to put them in. (from my aunt)

(my mom asked my grandmother what she wanted earlier and they went to the farmer's market to get some geraniums for grandma's deck as a

My grandmother then said something to the effect of "I guess I
shouldn't be like that."

My mom took that as an opening and replied that maybe people shouldn't send her gifts anymore since it was clearly upsetting her. I think that my grandmother was in a bit of a snit for a while after that.

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