Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Assisted Living...

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5:40pm Tuesday, Jun 26

I had lunch with my mom today she gave me the update on grandma, among other things.

Apparently my grandmother is going into an assisted living facility. She thought that she had Alzheimer's Disease but we think that it may be more of a generalized forgetfulness than that. She has left the door open several times, left the gas burner on stove, gets out of cars and walks away as if the door will close itself.

The icing on the cake was probably her drier. She called my mom last week and said that her drier was broken. She had washed and dried one load and when she put the second one in, it malfunctioned. She called the repairman. My mother offered to go over and take a look and my grandmother said that she had it under control, the appointment had been made and so on. Well, the repairman came a week latter. As you can probably guess, she had not turned it on.

After that, she started to say that she had Alzheimer's. She has made some indications that she would like to move to one of the two assisted living facilities in her neighborhood. This is good news in a way. A year ago, after she broke her foot and refused to do the rehabilitation exercises that they wanted her to do, she was wailing,"You're just going to put me in a home."

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