Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dunkin Donuts takes over

Just last week I read about Dunkin Donuts opening up shop in Las Vegas and now today I just learned that the Friendly's Ice Cream in Ramsey is now a Dunkin Donuts "with drive-thru, of course."

When I was in high school, the after movie hang outs were Friendly's and local diners like Matthew's Diner. I fondly remember drowning my high school sorrows by splitting a Jim Dandy with my friend Pam.

For the uninitiated, a Jim Dandy is a five scoop sundae with a banana topped with chocolate, strawberry and marshmallow toppings along with nuts and sprinkles -- and whipped cream.

This tradition is so ingrained in me that when I go to Myrtle Beach for the MS150, I twist my husband's arm and get him to go to the Friendly's there. I've downsized though. No more Jim Dandy's. Now I share a small Reese’s sundae.

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