Monday, October 15, 2007

MS150 lawsuit

I was shocked to hear that the National MS Society is being sued regarding a fatal accident that occurred during the 2006 MS150 Breakaway to the Beach. I was on that ride. It is my understanding that a family of four taking route from Rockingham, NC to Darlington, SC was involved in an accident with a truck pulling a trailer. Several members of the family were injured and a teenage girl died. This is awful. It happened on the first day of a two day event. All of the riders were upset and affected.

Like the people involved in the lawsuit, I had participated in prior years. The route was the same. The traffic control was the same. Participants are reminded repeatedly that this is an open course and that there will be car and truck traffic on the roads. Participants sign a waiver agreeing to hold the MS Society "harmless" in connection with anything that happens during the event. Since they road in previous years, they knew exactly what risks were involved. Why is this family suing? I just don't get it. Of course it's awful and it's a tragedy. Is suing a nonprofit going to help anyone?

Lawsuit filed in fatal bike ride
Family Sues MS Society After Teen's Death in Bike Ride
Family sues MS Society over fatality during 2006 bicycle tour

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