Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tour de Pig

Today I rode the Tour de Pig. It's a bike ride that is part of the Barbecue Month in Lexington, North Carolina. I did the 100k route but there were also several other distances -- 20K, 35K, 50K. Nearly 500 riders participated in this year's event.

I was surprised that the ride was a lot flatter than a lot of the routes closer to home. It was definitely less hilly than Rolling in Randolph!

The ride started at 8:30. The temperature in the car at 8:10 was 38. Yikes! I was shivering in my shorts and arm warmers. I did have on my Illuminate jacket but I'm not sure that helped much! By the 20 mile mark I was peeling off layers, I took off the jacket and put it in my handlebar bag, and it was definitely shorts weather at the finish. Rest stop food was abit meager -- bananas and Nutrigrain cereal bars along with water and gatorade. I'd do it again. It's fun to get that many riders together.

It was a hair under two hours from my house to the start at Davidson County Community College. We took I-85 there and took US 64 back time wise, and it was a wash.

At the end of the ride, barbeque was served (shocking, I know). DH had dropped me off for the ride and continued on to Concord where he did some mountain biking at Beech Spring Mountain Bike Park. Then he joined me for some porcine goodness. The event was catered by Barbecue Center. I'd have to say that this was not the best barbecue that I've every had and that red slaw still looks very wrong to me. I think that I may prefer some of the cue from the Wilson area. I may have to go there to compare!

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