Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Training Plans

Since aggravating my lower back a few years ago, I've worked with a coach. Well, I call her a coach because I don't know of a word for it. I get training plans from her every other week. This keeps me sane -- or rather, keeps me from doing anything crazy or stupid with my training -- and it simplifies my life. My goal ride for the past two years has been the MS150. I completed my third MS150 last month and I started to think of my goals for the upcoming year. This is what I have come up with

2008 Goals...
  • core, I saw the YogaFit stuff and was inspired.
  • try mountain biking and hopefully get a bike (and use it!)
  • English century
  • climb better. I feel that I was not a very good climber this year
  • gain some speed
  • stay healthy
  • Tour de Cure in June, MS150 in September
I guess I need to find an English century to put on the schedule!

The current plan:

Wednesday - 60 min elliptical and lifting
Thursday - Spin class and core work
Friday - Off
Saturday - Tour de Pig (Hey, the logo is a pig riding a bike. How can I go wrong?)
Monday - Off or easy spin class
Tuesday - Spin class and core
Wednesday - 60 min elliptical
Thursday - Spin class and core
Friday - Off
Saturday - Ride 60-90 min, easy pace
Sunday - Brewery Ride
Monday - spin class

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