Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dealing with bureaucracy at the DMV

I went to DMV to renew my driver's license this week and was told I needed to my social security number straight -- I had a post-9/11 "SSN Mismatch" error thrown by the DMV computer. I was shocked by this because this is not my first encounter with the NC DMV since REAL ID. DMV employee handed me a paper with the directions to the Social Security office -- and the Mexican Consulate on it! Apparently this is a common double trip.

When DH and I got married nearly (gulp) fifteen years ago and I changed my name, I went through a lot of grief because I was born in outside of the United States. I gave the social security folks my birth certificate, social security card and marriage certificate and they said, "You're not American." I had to produce all sorts of other paperwork (so sorry that my dad is a US Veteran and was Serving His Country when I was born. hate to inconvenience you.) I kind of mentally freaked out for a while and went to social security and waited Over An Hour to find out that Nothing is Wrong. I went back to DMV... with additional paperwork to try to convince them that I'm not someone that Homeland Security -- motto: Preserving our Freedoms, Protecting America -- needs to worry about.

I managed to bring enough paperwork this time and they let me renew until 2015 or some such.

BTW, the DMV had a typo and that was the root cause of the mess.

Ah, the joys of dealing with bureaucracy.

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