Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hannah is not getting old

Hannah offers Quality Control

Hannah almost got herself into really bad trouble doing an inspection of our outgoing Secret Santa gift. I think that she wanted to do some Quality Control." AH!!! As a friend said, this could have been tragic for the recipients!

Hannah gets Stuck

After Miss Hannah offered her services Secret Santa Quality Control Inspector last night, we sat down to watch a movie (Hairspray). Hannah and Emma can never make it through a movie and after some insistence on their part, we had an intermission to let the girls out. Emma came right back in and Hannah was delayed.

I went out to the deck and I could see her "stuck." She would put on foot on the bottom step and then back up and then put her foot on the bottom step and sniff the next stop and back up again. She just couldn't see well enough to confidently do the steps. All the while she was rapidly wagging her tail. I went down the half dozen or so steps to sit with her and offered to lead her up and she wagged her tail and kissed me.

I went and asked DH to provide elevator service. All the while, DH told Hannah, "It's OK to ask for help." When lift Hannah, she is uncomfortable. She much prefers DH for this.

We let the girls out the front door for Final Call. The front yard has only two steps but is unfenced.

Hannah had a regular vet appointment scheduled for this evening anyway. This situation was discussed and we all agree that it is a night vision/depth perception problem. She has seen the eye doctor and her vision problems were put down as normal aging for a Labrador retriever. This morning, she did fine getting up the steps in the dark.


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