Sunday, December 2, 2007

Update on The Talk

Well, I lunched with my mom on Wednesday and we did have The Talk about my birthday and my brother and it went relatively (ha ha!) well. Nothing was really decided but it was important to me to get the issue on the table. We agreed that my brother's problems are his own and my mom offered to talk to my dad about his role the situation.

We discussed a few options:
  1. Status quo. Birthday celebration on my birthday at my house. Mom talks to dad to see if that will help.
  2. Birthday celebration out at a restaurant, not on my birthday. Dog Christmas on another day.
  3. Birthday celebration at my house, not on my birthday. Dog Christmas on another day.
I don't know that it will help at all but I do feel better having had my airing of grievances, albeit not at immediately after the Festivus as tradition would dictate. (Then again, with Festivus, there are no rules!)

After sleeping on it and discussing it with DH, I suggested that we give the second option a try this year. We'll see if it sticks or not!

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