Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Top Ten Things I Like about Christmas

I really like the holiday season and I have been thinking about my favorite things about it. Here I try to boil it down to the top ten things that I like about Christmas. I like that atmosphere and foods in general but it's more than that. For me, the time flies during the holiday season and I'm busy but in a good way. I try to be organized and get a lot of things things done little-by-little so that I can slow down and enjoy the time, rather than have a frenetic crunch at the end of the month.

Below I've listed some of my favorite things about the Christmas, in now particular order. What are your Christmas top ten?
  1. Shopping for and giving gifts. Playing Santa. I really enjoy coming up with creative ideas for people.
  2. Gatherings. Friends and family. An excuse to get together.
  3. Happiness. People tend to be in a good mood -- except Grinches.
  4. Smells. The aroma of baking cookies. Cinnamon. Piney Christmas trees.
  5. Holiday movies: Rudolph, Elf, A Christmas Story, Scrooged (some years) and even Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation.
  6. Making cookies and candies to give. In recent years, DH and I have had a cookie and candy baking weekend. We then package up the goodies to share with friends and coworkers. I love this tradition.
  7. Stollen. OK, so this is maybe a birthday thing for me since my birthday is on the 25th. I've always had stollen for my birthday breakfast. It's the one time of year that I have it and I am smiling even as I type this.
  8. Playing dress up for holiday gatherings. It's nice to get the fancy cloths out once in a while!
  9. Photos. I love to receive new pictures from out-of-town friends
  10. Decorated houses. I like to see the holiday lights in some neighborhoods (just wait until at least Thanksgiving before putting them up and please take them down in January!)

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