Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy birthday!

Today is DH's birthday!

He started to celebrate early by taking Friday off to got to Projekt Revolution. This is the second year that he attended. DH went with the same group of guys as last year. I heard especially good reviews of Chris Cornell, The Bravery, 10 years and the Street Drum Corps.

The celebration continued on Saturday with a fancy dinner at the Angus Barn. I went ahead and gave DH his gifts then too. I think that his favorite was his new wallet. He asked for a wallet and I got him one made from duct tape. We ended up bringing a birthday pound cake home from the dinner and called my parents for a cake emergency. They came over yesterday to help us out with that.

Last night I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting for him to bring into work.

Tonight, the celebration will continue with our fancy dinner at home. DH's selected crab cakes. Of course more cake may be in order as well...

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  1. Happy Birthday to Hubby! My hubby's birthday is this week also!